“THE UGLY” Magnum ice cream

Magnum is known for their Belgian chocolate ice cream bars stuffed with double-double caramel and vanilla smooth ice cream.

They also have a double-double chocolate flavor as well. So smooth to the touch you’d think you dropped into heaven after one bite of this divine

treat, but don’t be fooled by its rich taste because the ending result is poor to the body. Well, I can admit I have had tried this tasty treat before when I use

to work at Costco as a demonstrator. The taste is just too divine to explain. When I proceeded to read the back after eating it, my eyes became huge and I couldn’t believe it.

Both the double caramel & double chocolate have 21 grams of FAT. Yes, you read correctly 21 disgusting grams of FAT

21 grams of fat is like eating this cheeseburger with all the works:

Did I mention that one little ice cream bar is 340 calories? That’s more than a snack or a whole lunch for some people. Also it is packed with

Saturated fat and sky rocket high in sugar; check out the stats on these puppies:

Magnum double chocolate/caramel

Calories: 340

Sat Fat: 15grams

FAT: 21 grams

Sugars: 29grams

I’d say this is a heart attack on a stick! There other flavors aren’t as bad they are about 16 grams of fat and maybe 200 calories but still this is no

good for people that like to keep treats/ice cream in their house for once in a while. I have recently even found this product at a Sprouts Market store!

Sprouts is like a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, just because it is a health food store doesn’t make everything HEALTHY! Keep your eyes open and read

those labels or you can be easily fooled.

What else is there to try? Try these out:

The Skinny Cow Ice Cream Bars Chocolate Truffle

One bar: 100 calories, 2.5 fat, 12grams of sugar


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