LUSH dream steam tab – make into a toner!

I recently found myself hopping into the gracious LUSH store to scope out some fun products to try. My sister and I looked all around and came across their “dream steam” tab. It smelt pretty and soft, kind of like a powder rose to me. I was already in love just with the fun fresh ingredients Lavender Oil, Rose Absolute, Chamomile Blue Oil, Tea Tree Oil,
Fresh Rose Petals! You can see the cute little rose petals sticking up of the tab; it was really adorable. So I had to get one! It was $2.95 I believe for the little tab.

It is supposed to make you feel relaxed and soft like you were dreaming. After you use the tab you can use it as a toner for 2-3 days which I thought was cool and it is really smooth and soft on your face. But I wasn’t impressed with the tab itself, it barely fizzes up and I put really hot water in there and didn’t see much steam at all. But I think it makes a fun great toner that is soft on your face. The scent of the tab is really strong when you first put it in (it made me cough lol) I wouldn’t put your face close to it because it smells. But after it softens into the water and used as a toner it smells great and so soft on the skin. So here’s how to make it into a toner.

Check it out:


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