DIY egg face mask

This is one of my favorite homemade face masks. It is very easy to make and leaves your face so clean and fresh feeling! Also it really tightens your face in a good way, feels almost like you got Botox done, lol. There is just about to steps to this face mask and after you try it out it is so refreshing for your skin. Eggs are a nutritious food that provides a range of vitamins and minerals that keep your body healthy; those same nutrients also provide benefits for your skin. Get the protein you need to keep your skin healthy from eggs, either eating them or putting it on your face or hair! Include 50 to 175 g of protein in your diet each day for best skin health. Eggs also have vitamin A and copper! All great stuff for hair and healthy glowing skin.

GRAB AN EGG, and Let’s GO!

FIRST: Separate the whites and the yolk of the egg

You can begin to carefully separate the whites from the yolk! crack it open and drop it in the shell back in forth carefully over a small bowl. Keep going until you have just the yellow yolk in the shell.

SECOND: take the yolk and put it into a separate bowl by itself. Taking a fork, go ahead and whisk the yolk until there is no shape but it turns into liquid.

THIRD: Now wash your whole face until completely clean and free of any makeup!

FOURTH: Apply the egg yolk all over your face evenly, and let sit for 30 minutes. It’s going to feel tight and you won’t be able to talk but it’s working so good into your skin at this point.

Wash off yolk and now apply right after washing the egg whites all over your face evenly and leave in for another 30 minutes. This too will also really tighten up on your face but it will feel so amazing and refreshing after it’s all washed off.

FINAL: Wash off completely after 30 minutes and pat dry your face and apply some organic coconut oil (pea size) in your hands and rub together and rub into your face all over and you are ready for a great night sleep.


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