THE GOOD – Pop chips

Everybody knows the famous Pop chips cracker type of a snack right? Yeah! So, Jillian Michaels is totally big on these and says it’s her favorite chip but she also could just

Be being paid to say that? LOL, I’m kidding. Pop chips are never fried or even baked, awesome right? Somehow they pop them just like popcorn, which makes it a lot healthier.

For the original flavor it’s about 120 calories for 22 chips, but who counts their chips? But if you do these are a great alternative from regular Lays potato chips. Also no saturated fat or trans fat and my

favorite part no preservatives! Only 4 grams of fat for those 22 chips. Even doctor OZ is huge on these chips! I didn’t think I would like these because at first they looked kind of funny but they are super tasty

and actually a little addicting. I love the BBQ flavor the best it has a lot of flavor to it, it has a great crunch and just the perfect salty taste to make your taste buds water!


If you need a great healthy party snack or just a snack for yourself grab a bag of pop chips at your local target, walmart, or CVS!




Greyson Chance:

Jillian Michaels:




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