How to prep before the day of your wedding!

Of course you start to get nervous and wanting to do the most you can to prep your skin and body to look the best you can for the wedding. This is some tips to help you get ready the night before and the morning of your wedding, also you can start doing this 1 month before your wedding for best results.

1 month before wedding and night of:


1. EXFOLIATE: Find a really good exfoliate for your face (ex I used Aveeno skin brightening scrub, use this two weeks straight before your wedding and noticed a great difference in the brightness of your skin) then find a good exfoliate for your whole body to get it fresh and glowing, taking off all the dead cells. I’d suggest Sephora’s brown sugar body scrub! You could even start doing this two weeks before the wedding and exfoliate the body only 2 times a week! and of course the night before the wedding.


2. SELF-TAN: Everyone should know that going to a tan salon is horrible for your skin and body. So ditch the tanning booth and head over to Ulta or Sephora to find a good self tanner. Try FAKE BAKE Sunless Self-Tanning Lotion! It has organic ingredients! 🙂


3. WHITE-TEETH: You most def want to start this process a month before the wedding to ensure you will have perfect white and glowing teeth! Even more so after you have tanned. The one that has worked THE best for my and my mom is the crest white strips, by far and hands down!


4. MOISTURIZE: Take coconut oil that’s organic and apply all over face, neck, body, everywhere to renew the skin and make it silky soft. Coconut oil even has a natural 5 spf in it! It makes the skin soft and smooth and just refreshes your skin and giving it good moisture. You can pick some up at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or Raley’s! Don’t cake on the amount but use the coconut oil in moderation even more so on the face you only want a pea size because this is oil and can get too greasy if you have too much.

5. EYE CARE: Now, you want to do a good eye mask to reduce puffiness and really get your eyes ready. I would suggest a cooling cucumber mask. There is one you can make yourself made by Michelle Phan (youtube star) that is really awesome and awesome for your eyes. Link:


6. FACE MASK: Use a good face mask before going to bed at night (do this before coconut oil moisturizing) I’d suggest the Queen Helene Masque, Mint Julep at Ulta, Walmart, Target!


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