Raves of the month

Okay, so I have to rave about these two products of the month for you guys! No they are not beauty products this time but these are my favorite snacks and treats that are all organic and lovely! First is Julie’s Organics (juliesorganic.com) has amazing sorbet bars and frozen yogurt which is all organic. The ingredients you can read and understand exactly what’s in their (woohoo!) and the taste is amazing! My husband and I just recently bought the blackberry organic sorbet bars and were so excited. The melt in your mouth and it’s true to the flavor, so yummy! My favorite part about these is that they are only 70 calories!


Of course if you haven’t heard of Annie’s organic bunnies you will know them now! I love these! They sell them at Walmart, Target, and drugstores! I love everything that Annnie’s makes (Okay, I lied. I really don’t like their mac n cheese) but everything else is amazing. They have great cracker snacks and gummys even ones that kids would love and its all natural and organic. They sell big packs of their stuff at costco as well. I love their chocolate bunnies because its the same as teddy grahams but all natural and low in calories etc. They make a great salad dressing they sell had costco and other select stores. website: anniesorganics.com or google annie’s !



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