Happy Memorial Day!


What a great day, Memorial Day! To remember all of the people who risked their lives for this country just makes me all teary eyed. Those people are so brave to do or still do what they do. I know myself personally that I could never do what they do, it takes courage and you have to be brave. So I am blogging in honor of all the people who did and still do serve for this country, for our freedom, for peace, for hope! You are much appriciated and loved and thank you for all that you have done. My grandpa had his fair share of serving for his country in the navy then eventually moved on to be a great fireman. He has done a lot and seen a lot through out his years. He served in world war 2 and its great to see this man always happy and smiling. Thank you grandpa Joesph Shirshac Sr. Have any of your family members served?

My aunt posted something about my grandpa I thought was cool to share:

“my dad’s family was 1st generation born in America, they were children of immigrants from Poland/Ukraine area. there were 9 children in his family….along with my dad, one of his sisters and 4 of his brothers joined the service in WWll. their family town where they lived did a write up on them and this is a photo of the write up in the newspaper. i’m very proud of my dad and his family….all of the brothers and sister in this photo are gone, only my dad remains and he is the top middle picture ♥ yay dad!!”



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