10 Hot Summer Wedding Trends

It’s Summer and you’re in love!  There are weddings in the works or dreams of a wedding to come, but you’re planning to make it happen when you’re guests can join you and your significant other in the warm sun.  June is one of the most popular months to get hitched, and with the hot weather sometimes will come a more casual, intimate, and rustic approach to a formal event.   Many are ditching the full tuxedo in favor of linen pants and white shirts and lighter materials like cotton, chiffon, and lace.  Here are 10 Summer Wedding Trends that are popping up everywhere and are sure to give you the inspiration you’re looking for!

1.  Baby’s Breath

Inexpensive, light, and fill a vase or bouquet beautifully.  These underrated little blooms are making a huge comeback from your typical 80’s baby’s breath + Red Rose combo.  They are being used in a modern way to bring in a minimalist and clean look for Summer decor.

Courtesy of La Fleur Weddings

2. Ombre

This has been a huge trend last fall that is following through the Summer months.  Ombre is simply a graduation of color, and for Summer, it’s all about the light, citrusy, and sweet tones!

Courtesy of Martha Stewart

3.  Fruit Frenzy

Juicy fruit pieces are making there way onto everything from centerpieces to graphics on bridesmaid’s attire.  Cherries, limes, & lemons are super popular!

Courtesy of Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas.com

4.  Natural Elements

Natural touches to a Summer wedding bring nature to your guest and a whimsical feel.

Courtesy of PB Jacksonville Blog

5.  Casual Footwear

If you’ve ever tried your hardest to smile through a night of painful, yet pretty, pumps, this is the season of the year that you can get away with a casual approach.  Consider small details or adornments for your feet in lieu of shoes!

Courtesy of PB Jacksonville Blog

6.  Family Style

Small, intimate weddings are fabulous, but not always possible if you have oodles of family and friends.  If so, why not give the feel of a more intimate affair with Family Style seating!

Courtesy of Tickled Pink Brides

7.  Night lights

With the advantages of warm, summer nights it’s all about having the twinkle of starlight around your venue!

8.  Statement Headpieces

Because of the heat, many brides are opting out of the traditional wedding veil and replacing it with a statement headpiece.

Courtesy of My Wedding.com

9.  Food Trucks

Food trucks have been a massive trend and have naturally found their way into serving as the coolest way to cater a Summer wedding reception!  Not to mention some pretty fabulous pictures, too!

Courtesy of Glendalough Manor Bride

10.  Jeweled Bouquets

The last few years have seen the coming of alternatives and substitutions when it comes to the traditional elements you see in a wedding.  This is very true for bouquets!

Courtesy of Notes On A Wedding.com


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