Jones soda drink for your summer wedding?

ImageWhat a perfect drink to kick start your summer with a bottle of Jones Soda. I have been a huge fan of this soda since forever and love it. I am not a soda drinker anymore but when I want a special treat I like to get one of these. They have so many fun flavors and the colors are BEAUTIFUL! Can you imagine having just two colors together served at like a really laid back wedding? that would be so cute! These puppies are made with real cane sugar too. I love how there is always a fun creative photograph on the bottles from amature photographers! So pick up a jones and enjoy your summer! My favorite flavor right now is green apple!

Here are some photos for inspiration if you want to use these for your wedding! You can place a photo of YOU and your fiance for everyone to have! HOW cute?! You can also make them into table numbers for all your tables! You can even personalize the back to say a little story about you two! super adorable and a trend to be remembered!

Design your own:

photos from: /pinterest



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