EOS balm, really the BOMB?


Yes, it’s totally really unbelievably the BOMB. Okay, so not to mention that this lip balm has the cutest packaging ever! It’s in the shape of a cute egg and comes in different colors and flavors. Its very compact and great for throwing in your purse and smells amazingly GREAT! If you love fruity smells, oh my! This stuff smells so good you can’t stop rubbing it on your lips. It lasts very long for being a lip balm and really smooths out my lips. It comes in handy on windy days because it keeps my lips from getting chapped. It has Shea butter and vitamin E to smooth out your lips and really moisturizer them. Did I mention this product is Paraben free? As in there is no weird additives or chemicals in here! In fact it is %100 natural and %95 organic and only priced at $2.99 at your local Target, Drugstores, Walmart, and etc. They even have one called lemon drop that has a SPF of 15 in the lip balm, isn’t that crazy? Shoot, I’d rub it all over my face if I could! It’s also enriched with jojoba oil which is known to really smooth out your lips and nourish them. I can’t get enough of these lip balms and I am super impressed. It’s a very well thought out and made product.


I’ve recently discovered that they have shaving cream and hand lotion! Has anyone tried it? I bet it’s just as stinkin soft and smell good as the lip balm! I totally want to try it out. I suppose the hand lotion is 97% natural and dye-free, paraben-free and great for all skin types, and even small enough to not take up room in your purse/make up bag. I am like for real? these guys are amazing lol. So needless to say I am hoping on the EOS train and going to try out everything they make!



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