Such a deal its almost a steal?


You know my husband always says “If you really want something, save up for it and buy it, even if its pricey” which is totally a true statement. But even if I save up for something I am still ALWAYS looking for a great deal. If I can get that “something” at a better price, you bet I will be all over that. Well there are too places that I keep going back to and I find the most amazing deals that blow my mind every time. (Rhyme not intended lol)

First place is Marshalls!

Image    Over the years Marshall’s has really up their game and style updated with these modern times. You can find the CUTEST affordable denim shorts to really cute Capri’s and sleek slakes for work. Overall it’s me and my husbands favorite place to find clothes! I recently have been looking through their beauty section too. My goodness you would be surprised at all the different brand names they have like Pacifica, Fekkai, Joico, etc for way cheap! I couldn’t believe how awesome the prices are. Not to mention somewhere in the back of the store they always have a big sign to direct you to the clearance section. If you have the patience to look through all of it you can find AMAZING deals. I found really cute face towels and hand towels that were Ralph Lauren beautiful blue color for $2.50 each; beat that Macy’s! Needless to say I felt like a kid in a candy store. Also if you are a newly wed and need kitchen appliances, this is a great place to start!

Nordstrom Rack ( my personal FAV)

Image Well, this store is the reason why I am blogging about this topic in the first place because OMG the deals are amazing. They do have stuff that is a bit pricey stuff that’s like originally $150 for $70 but also they have AMAZING deals on hair stuff and makeup. It pays to be patient and shop around, seriously. My husband and I went into our local Nordstrom Rack and he went his way and I ran to the makeup/hair section! Needless to say once again I felt like a kid in a candy shop. But they have great brand names as well, such as; It’s a 10, Fekkai, Pureology, Silk, Redken, etc. Amazing deep hair masks for a fraction of the cost! They even sell Kerastase! And boy that stuff can get SUPER pricey…they had their shampoo their which was still about $42 but still if you know this brand that’s a good price for that stuff. Not to mention they have a whole section of makeup and I found SO many Stila palettes. They had little duo eyeshadow of Stila for only $5!! And really big palettes and Stilas red carpet palette for like $13-$14. They have Stila’s big eyeliners (kinda look like NYX jumbo eye pencils) and endless stuff for an amazing price. But today was my blessed day to run into a secret surprise! I found the LAST Urban Decay primer potion the orginal (which is my favorite, I use the “Sin” one and don’t really like it) so it was cool to find that, it was the last one, full size, and flipped it over with a price tag of $8.97! I thought it was for sure miss marked! But NO!, it has the little sticker that Nordstrom’s org price was $18.00! But if you go to Sephora or Ulta is a whopping $20!! So, I was a happy camper that this little guy was only $9.00! Granite it is the old bottle that they first came out with! You know the one you have to crack open to get the last of the product? I really like their new tube bottle…obviously now you can get more and all of it out without having to play construction! But for $9 I’ll suck it up! What a deal, I felt like I stole it lol.

So go get yourself some deals for makeup, hair care, house appliances, clothes, and bathroom towels!


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