Thee ultimate womans bar? (Luna Bars)


Oh man, do I ever love these bars. Luna bars have fantastic flavors and not to mention they are pretty filling but have amazing stuff in them. I usually buy them from Target and they have all different kinds of flavors. They are packed full of amazing healthy ingredients. Well, what we put in our bodies matters and to us women it matters that is tastes good and sometimes have chocolate! These puppies all contain; B vitamins, Cocoa butter, Vitamins A-C-E, Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, Soy crisp, Fiber and the list goes on! Luna bars are %70 organic with all natural ingrediants and amazing flavors all for about $1.19 each. Right now Costco is selling the Luna mins in a big bag for about $13.99! not a bad deal and easy to drop in your purse.


They have over 12 different flavors I believe and my personal favorite right now is the White Chocolate Macadamia! Oh my word, it’s an amazing flavor. I will usually have a full bar for breakfast with a full bottle of water and I feel full for a good amount of time. It’s just a great easy way to get the healthy vitamins etc that us women need for overall health. With life these days being so busy it’s hard to really get all of these essentials vitamins and things like zinc in our diet! But what a perfect way then in a delicious bar? I got my sister hooked on them now too! I am very impressed with these bars over any nutrition bar I’ve had ( And I’ve tried way too many!) So go out and try one and let me know what you think! 🙂


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