Exfoliate the herbal way


Lately, my face has NOT been nice to me. You know those days or weeks when your skin has a freak out? I usually don’t break out, maybe every now and then. But my goodness I got attacked with an army of bad acne all around my face. I have been also trying to find the right exfoliate for my sensitive skin but something that is really natural. I do love my gentle scrub from Aveeno – the brightening scrub is the best! But I still wanted to find something that was more natural and herbal actually.

As I was shopping at Sprouts Market (Its like a Whole Foods) I found my way over to the natural soaps and organic makeup. There was a really huge section just for face washes and exfoliates. I really didn’t know where to begin, but one did stick out to me. It was Exfoliating Walnut & Wood Apple Face Scrub! Doesn’t that sound like something you’d want as a candle in your home? It has herbs in it such as Amla, Basil, Neem, Patchouli. To my surprise it also was SLS free, paraben free, nothing artificial,gluten free, no colors or fragrances, and no animal testing. It’s also a product of India! And what do you know it was on sale too for around $6.99!

It says “Formulated with ingredients like Walnut, Wood Apple and Nutmeg Shell, this gentle exfoliate lifts away dead skin cells and refines pores. Organic Basil and Sweet Marjoram enhance cell regeneration, allowing the skin to breathe and detoxify.”

Sounds amazing right? well, it is amazing. I look forward every night to be able to use this on my face before bed. It even has a skin brightening effect and somehow helped my acne clear up. I think it’s a little more harsh of an exfoliate than the Aveeno scrub. It smells good to me, kinda like wood, actually more like a wood Spa! It feels amazing on your face. The brand is organique by Himalaya.


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