Inspiration about life!


“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Do you know who said this quote? It was Mr Thomas Edison himself that said that. This guy is such an inspiration to me even though died in the 30s, his character still lives on. I mean, the light bulbs in your home are there because of this guy. Well, electric light. This guy didn’t give up and was determined. Which, obviously eventually took him great places and became world known! We know from history that Thomas didn’t get the light bulb right the first time…or the second…or third…in fact it was years and years and years until he got it just right. Can you imagine for years trying to do something and it just doesn’t work? That would be tough but he didn’t give up! He kept going and he was determined.


I think he is a great man to look up to when we first start High School, A new career, new job, college, getting married, having children, starting your own business, etc. When we go after things in life we tend to give up too easily because we want everything now, right this second, we want things in life microwaved….but the truth be told the food is much better when its baked! Aka life will be more rewarding when you just be patient and have courage and keep moving forward. You gotta talk to yourself, encourage yourself if you have to! Tell yourself you can do it, coach yourself all the way to the finish line. And not forgetting to enjoy the journey and all the things you have and will learn a long the way.  So be encouraged and go after your dreams, the only person that is stopping you is YOU!



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