Monday quick tip (Stress)


Stressed out? I know and feel your pain. If you need to just relax and feel pampered at the same time this is a quick simple trick that gives you a temporary face lift. Cucumber takes away tiredness and puffiness from your eyes! It is enriched with some many important vitamins like, E, C and B2. It’s soothing to the skin and makes for great healthy looking skin! Put it on your face and eat it! 🙂


Take a cucumber and slice fairly thin slices and take one of each eye! Put onto of your eyes for about 10 minutes while sitting or laying in a really comfy spot. Then for another 10 minutes chop the cucumbers in half and slide them under your eyes (where your under eye circles are) this will help with under eye circles. Then when you are done rub the cucumber all over your face for another 3 minutes and don’t wash off. It will give your face a temp tight feel then it will be super smooth!



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