Tofutti – THE GOOD (more like GREAT)


So Tofutti not only makes my favorite kind of cream cheese which isn’t really cream cheese if that makes sense? It’s like dairy free! But literally it tastes just like cream cheese but way healthier. On my quest to finding a delicious and all natural ice cream treat I ran into one shopping at Sprouts Market the other day. These are ice cream cones that are called “Yours Truly” and were around $4.50 for 6 of them. I can’t explain to you HOW amazing these guys are! The flavor is so delicious it’s hard to describe. There is a coating on the top with the BEST dark chocolate I have ever tasted ( And I don’t really like dark chocolate) with dark chocolate cookie crumbles on top with a very delicious creamy natural tasting ice cream that’s dairy free!

I have recently been doing a lot of research and found that milk isn’t really the best for us! Actually I learned from a world known nutritionist Daniel Vitalis, that if you are lactose intolerant than you are normal but if you can handle milk and dairy products without a problem were the ones with the problem because we’ve become immune to all that processed milk and dairy. I find that my sinus get worse when I have a lot of milk based stuff or dairy stuff. So needless to say this was perfect because I love ice cream! 😉


The scoop of ice cream tastes different from ice cream but its delicious with the same texture and consistency. Then the whole inside of the cone is covered in dark chocolate and the BEST part is at the very bottom its packed down with a thick big piece of that delicious dark chocolate. I literally love the taste of this cone from top to bottom! lol. These are even featured at the live strong website!



FAT: 13g

SUGAR: 21g




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