Luna Bar has minis? Oh em gee!


Totally just ran into these on accident at Costco! A bag of all different flavors of Luna bar minis so perfect to fit right into your purse and I think about 80 calories! How amazing is that? If you don’t already know I LOVE anything from Luna Bars, they make a great product. I love eating one for breakfast with a bottled water and I feel so energized and full for the morning. It’s funny but these bars are targeted for the complete woman’s nutrition and it just makes you feel so proud to have a bar just dedicated to you and your health needs.


You know I have tried so many different power bars it’s ridiculous. Either they taste too fake, too powdery, don’t taste at all, or they are SUPER high in calories and you can’t recognize any of the ingredients. But these have great stuff such as Zinc, Iron, Calcium, & Protein! I think the “minis” idea is awesome if you are watching your carb intake! And I really appreciate that they are 70% organic but only like 97 CENTS at Target! I was like score! My sister and I have tried quit a few flavors and have loved all of them! I didn’t know that Luna too was Cliff Bar company, because I grew up on Cliff Bars. My dad would always buy them for trips or when we would do something active like motocross. So to see they have made a bar especially for woman is kinda exciting. I even really like their z bars I think their called? They are the small bars for kids…I use to demo those when I worked at Costco. So YUM!

Just FYI for everyone is you want updates on Luna Bars or even sometimes FREE samples sign up for their mailing list on the website and you can find them of FACEBOOK! Just type “Luna bars facebook” in google and you’re good! Happy eating!

My guilty pleasure right now: The coconut dipped chocolate..SO GOOD!



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