Mocktail anyone?

So my sister is a genius and showed me and my husband this awesome combination for a drink that is non alcoholic aka Mocktail! Since I don’t drink I was happy to find such a cool looking drink that tastes amazing. All she did was take these two beverages and put them into a glass of ice and it looked so gorgeous.She called it a sunrise drink and I thought it was such a good idea. It totally looks like a sunrise too!

What you need:


A cup, fill it will ice cubes

1 can Sanpellegrino orange flavor

1/2 cup of Bolthouse Farms Pomegranate juice

First pour in the Orange Sanpellegrino a little more than half full than slowly pour the 1/2 cup of pomegranate juice and watch the colors its so amazing! And drink up! This is a great drink for summer and parties.

If you wanted you could put all this into a blender too with more ice and make it just like the Strawberry blended lemonade at Starbucks! 😀




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