Cucumber relaxing eye and face mask!

Oh the joys of relaxing and unwinding from a hard day at work or school. Don’t you know you deserve to just relax and enjoy yourself and to treat your skin? Here’s a great way to take away some of that stress with a cold cucumber eye and face mask. This leaves the skin refreshed and leaving you relaxed and calm.

What you need:


4 cucumber slices

Plastic Zip lock bag


Slice thin slices of the cucumber (4) and place them in a zip lock bag and put them in the freezer for around 10 minutes. Then go ahead and clean your face with your morning routine face wash. After the 10 minutes is up take the baggy out of the freezer and take two of the cucumbers and place them on your eyes (eyes closed) for 10 minutes…it’s okay to lift them up every once in awhile in case it’s super cold! Then when they start to thaw out put them right under your eyes and set for 10 minutes. Now take the other two from the baggy and rub them all over your face for 3-4 minutes….really massaging it into the skin – throw away the cucumbers and leave the cucumber juice on your face for at least 30 minutes. Your face will start to tighten up and just feel amazing and refreshed. Then gently wash it off and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Do this at least 2x a week.

Cucumber is so good for your body when you consume it and when you put it on your face. Cucumber is known to really whiten your face (which can help with redness/acne scaring) and softening the skin. Cucumbers are like 96% water so it is really hydrating for your face and eyes. It also contains vitamins A, B & C! These vitamins really help the skin to reduce redness and puffy ness under the eyes.


3 thoughts on “Cucumber relaxing eye and face mask!

    • Thank you! Yeah, it feels amazing. We workn hard ladies deserve a quick spa at home! 🙂

      That’s so awesome you are a scentsy consultant! I may be needing some new scents soon…also I want to find a new small plug in warmer for my kitchen! Something bright and cute, any suggestions? 🙂

      • My eyes always are aching after a long day and tend to get dry easily, so cucumbers on my eyes for a few minutes sounds amazing and relaxing!

        We have a TON of scents, especially the month of July….there is something called Bring Back My Bar where 20 discontinued scents will be back just for July! There are some really good ones too, I think I made a post about it but if not I will be doing so in the next say or two on my blog. Also, the scent of the month for July is called Lemons and Berries and smells AMAZING….Like strawberry lemonade, and it will be 10% off throughout the month of July ($4.50 for one bar.) Also all the summer scents are out since it is summer and will be out until September when the fall scents will be coming out.
        As far as plug-in warmers go, there are a bunch of cute ones! What is the color scheme of your kitchen? If you want to take a peek at the plug-in warmers feel free to:
        My favs are: Lei, Pop!, Roma, Tea Rose, Wonky, Zebra, Shasta Daisy, Damsel, and Lacewing 🙂
        If you have any questions let me know! I can always send you a catalog with the scent of the month sample as well if you would like 🙂

        -Melanie Gordon

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