Investing in your dream room, just for your dreams!


When I say investing in your dream room I am not referring to having the room you have always dreamed about ( I mean if you wanna go and do that than do it ;D ) but I mean your sleeping dreams, your required deep sleep! It is so important to feel the most relaxed and comfortable when you sleep. You want your body to not be disturbed and to be relaxed to get its proper rest. So taking one step at a time putting a little away in a extra savings account that strictly goes to your bedroom. Invest in a good bed that is soft and good on your back and sides. Get a really fluffy white comforter (maybe a feather one) and white sheets, with a high thread count so they are nice and soft. Get white pillows and white pillow cases with maybe a pop of color for an accent color. You would be surprised what white does to your mind and body when you are trying to sleep….it is so soothing. Or pick calming colors, like soft blues.


Invest in great pillows that are soft but still give you good support throughout the whole night. Keep your bedroom from clutter and dust. Once a week super clean your bedroom and dust it, vacuum it! Get a really calming smelling candle from Bath and Body works and light it 1 hour before bed, so the scent will linger.Try to create the most positive calming atmosphere you can in your room. Having the right calming smell and feeling comfortable will help you unwind and sleep deep.



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