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E.LF Tinted Moisturizer – REVIEW


Hey beauties, it’s officially summer and finding the best tinted moisturizer is going to be your best friend this season. I have recently been trying out different tinted moisturizers. I am wanting to try the very affordable & less expensive tinted moisturizers and really high end products. So on my quest I purchased a tube of E.L.F’s studio tinted moisturizer that retails for $3.00 at Target or the website. It’s a nice amount of product for the price and it has really great ingredients. It also has SPF 20 which is great for your skin along with vitamins and Aloe Vera. Again all amazing ingredients! The consistency is very creamy and blends into the skin very well. I have been such a fan of this tinted moisturizer until I went outside a lot and it’s now 102+ degrees outside here in California. Well needless to say this product kinda tends to be greasy and oily. I think if you have normal skin or normal to dry skin this would be a great inexpensive product…but for people with oily skin I wouldn’t suggest this. It really makes my skin oily and really shinny along with it melts off my face. Also if your face touches anything it comes off all over it…gross huh? So I would rate this one (for my skin) a 3 of out 10. Now for my next quest once my elf tinted is gone I will find one a little more expensive and see how it works.


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