An inspirational story

I am not in any means trying to get religious on anybody but I read this story and thought it was really inspiring. Whether you believe in God or not it’s a great story to understand why certain things happen or don’t happen.


“When your prayers seem unanswered

Carol W. was a young college student when she first came to my attention. In spite of hard work and great ambition, Carol was failing to make passing grades in certain subjects and had been warned that unless she did well on her term examinations, she would be dropped at the end of the year. Carol was praying sincerely for success in her exams. But a month later she phoned me and her first words were, “Well, I prayed but nothing happened.” Carol had flunked two courses and the college dropped her. Certainly surface appearances here would seem to justify her conclusion that “nothing happened” as the result of prayer. But wait! And never forget that God knows more than we do about what is for our highest good.

A few weeks after she returned home, Carol consulted a psychologist who was an expert at determining in what areas an individual’s best talents lay. He gave her a battery of aptitude tests that revealed she was extremely gifted in spatial perception and mechanical ability. They also showed that she was not naturally a good student where abstract subjects, such as she had taken at college, were concerned.

Carol took a course at a technical school in x-ray therapy and medical techniques. Today she is head of a large hospital laboratory with a dozen assistants under her direction, making a splendid salary and happy in her work. Did nothing happen when she prayed? Graduation from a liberal arts college was not the right answer to her needs and abilities. Carl didn’t know it, but God did.”


One thought on “An inspirational story

  1. I agree it’s a great story; thank you for writing it, as truer words could not be said for Carol W’s inspirational story. “When your prayers seem unanswered,” but are indeed God’s purposed plan for her life. Sometimes one is given to know their passageway through life. While others unaware, for whatever the reason, still fulfill God’s plan for their life. I accept this to be true for man is the reflection of his creator, divine intelligence, a consciousness known as God (in the Bible, Colossians 1:16-19 (AV).

    Suzanne McMillen-Fallon, Author 2012
    “There’s one thing I know–God exists.”’sWritings.html (currently not active)
    The Mommy Writings Series
    Mommy, would you like a sandwich?
    Book 1

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