Great treasures & small prices!


I recently went into Burlington Coat factory and Ross and was so excited to find so many amazing deals. I am a huge fan of elf ( makeup and they had a TON of their makeup at both Ross and the BCF. I get super giddy when I find things for such a great marked down price, I try to stay quiet but I get so excited. Always keep the look out and don’t be afraid to dig around, even in the clearance section! You’d be surprised at the amazing stuff you can find there. I was able to find at Ross and two piece set from Physicians formula that was there full size powder and a bonus gift of their blush for only 5.99 (retails at about $14)! So that was a steal in its self….then I found an ADORABLE blue wallet (which is the photo below) for only $4.85! That is such a steal and this thing was in great shape and did I mention adorable? It pays to be pay patient and to look around. I almost bought another small purse that was a beautiful yellow that was only $10 and it was a STEVE MADDEN, HA! It was crazy. Needless to say these stores have been rockin’ the deals for me lately. For sure try out Burlington because of their jewelry, their selection is huge!



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