De-clump your nail polish AND mascara

Hey bloggers,

Right now I am in South Lake Tahoe for my one year of being married celebration! I recently tried out a new trick and wanted to share with you guys.



To fix this you can use either rubbing alcohol or contact solution. If the alcohol, take the top off and fill it up 3-4 times (putting each filled cap into the nail polish bottled/depending on the size) close the nail polish bottle tightly and shake the bottle for at least a minute. Then it should be ready to go and less lumpy or sticky. If solution put about 4-5 drops and repeat shaking. Still sticky? add another cap full or more drops.


For this ONLY use contact solution, Do not use rubbb alcohol for mascara! This can permently damage your eyes.
Okay, so with the contact your mascara and drop 3-5 drops depending on size into bottle (with the wand out) then close up and shake bottle…even swirl the wand around in the mascara bottle and tada! Your good to go!


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