Top 5 best makeup removers!

Makeup removers can be easy to find but finding one’s that are gentle to the skin but remove all your makeup can be tricky. So, I have used a lot. Also asking around of friends that are in love. So here is a top 5 for you to try out if you haven’t already.

1. Almay oil free

Image I actually love everything this brand makes!

Their whole line for removing makeup is very gentle to the skin, smells good, and removes makeup great! Oh, and they aren’t expensive.

2. Simple makeup lotion wipes


Simple makeup wipes are very popular right now. Lots of friends seemed to be very pleased with them. I haven’t yet got my hands on them. But they are for sensitive skin and can remove the toughest makeup! I’ve seen it 🙂

3. Neutrogena makeup remover towels


These are very popular and a lot of people I know use these. These kinda have also been used in my family for a long time. I can’t use these all the time because my skin is sensitive and if used everyday I get rashes on my skin. But if you have tougher skin this is a great makeup remover.

4. Nivea eye makeup remover


Nivea is known for their AMAZING chapstick. This is a gentle and great makeup remover. Also, another makeup remover that’s not expensive.

5. E.L.F makeup removers


E.L.F is a great affordable brand that is out there. They also have great products! These are gentle on the face and great makeup remover!


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