DIY natural face scrub + toner


My face is feeling soooo soft. Seriously. I took about 2 tblespoons of olive oil and mixed it with 1 spoonful of brown sugar and mixed well. Then apply in a circular motion all over face. Wash of with warm water.

I then brewed green tea and let it cool. Taking a cotton ball and applying it all over face as a toner and let dry.

Then just for fun after that I took a few pieces of bell pepper w/ water and blended it and applied it all over. The vitamin C is super good for your face and feels great. Once again lightly pat dry. Then to finish it all off, take a little pea size of olive oil and rub really good into skin.
Your face will feel so soft and happy, like me above lol. It’s nice to naturally treat your skin.

I make a big pot of green tea and pour it into a easy plastic bottle or a spray bottle (from $ store) and use it as a toner morning/night.

Hope you enjoy! Have a life filled day! 🙂


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