Saturday night Christmas bliss


My husband and I took a stroll to a small town 20 minutes away from where we live to find Christmas lights and a beautiful skating rink. There was a huge tree in the middle of the ice skating rink and it was so pretty….not to mention really cold. The funniest part is when the “Gangum style” song came on and I totally filmed the back of a guy and girl dancing to the song, it was so funny.

I really love being cold and seeing all the twinkly lights, people laughing, dressing up as little santa’s and drinking hot coco. My husband and I decided to relax for a little at our local Barnes and Nobles to get online and try out Starbucks Hazelnut hot chocolate. WOAH, baby….if you enjoy hazelnut and cozy feelings you will really enjoy this drink. I think we will end the night with a free outdoor concert by our house as well! Nothing more fun than watching Christmas singing and cheer!

Hope you guys are enjoying your holiday so far!


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