Short bobs coming back for spring?

I have seen so many celebs and just girls in general going for the “super long” hair look lately. I think every since Miley had let her hair grow super long it became wildly popular. And as I mention that I instantly see a girl with super long hair, and t-shirt, and short denim shorts! haha! That was the style and trend for the longest time and now that miss Cyrus has cut her hair super short – I think it is going to be trending again come spring and probably summer. I think it looks really pretty with the right person, with the right face structure!

There is however another girl that just recently went super short and that is Tia Mowry from Sister Sister! And it looks super cute!  Even one of my favorite Youtube gurus

Come spring and summer, are you daring enough to cut it short?

ImageImageImageImageImage107242034846381486_XocXsn40_b 86553624058228541_SnfAh67g_b 69594756711309743_HK4sD9YC_b122371314845497277_ljCWFphG_b177399672793286854_95Cu2hw7_b 206321226650769996_A1u4R67k_b200269514651446238_f4tUzm73_b


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