My top 2 ways of helping a stomach ache!

So, I don’t know about you but I really hate having a stomach ache! Of course being in an pain is no fun but I really do not like stomach pains. Out of experience and trying out so many different things I have found two things that have really helped when feeling sick.


1. The first would be Apple Cider Vinegar! Yes, it is NOT the best tasting thing but if you mix it with water or juice you will be fine. I found with just a tablespoon of this with a little water/juice that within 15-20 minutes that mixture will take away any stomach pain. This is literally a miracle product and has worked for my whole family and husband. Up above is a photo of the one I buy! No other brands I have bought work as well as the BRAGG brand.


2. The second would be peppermint tea. Now this is just to help sooth your stomach! Peppermint is very good for you and good at helping you to become calm and it is gentle to your body. So get a big mug and enjoy yourself.


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