My Mary Kay experience



So, randomly yesterday I was homework bound at Starbucks and eventually fell into conversation with a lovely lady filled with passion and a great smile. Come to find out that she has her own business working with the Mary Kay makeup brand. I was able to connect with her at her lovely home with a warm cup of tea, perfect way to relax and talk about makeup. I got to try out quit a few products today, from facial cleansers to moisturizers and a really great foundation.

If you guys want to check out Mary Kay stuff here is the consultant I talked with:

Here is a list of a few things I got to try:


This TimeWise Night Solution was really amazing on the skin. Also, it has tones of vitamins in it…how great would this be to put on and slip into comfy pjs and go to sleep? totally! This was my favorite “packaging” out of all of them! The little beads look so cute in the clear bottle.


Next product that I got to try was this Ultimate Mascara in “black” The mascara is a little bit on the pricey side if you are used to drugstore mascara (Like me)! But when I tried it out I was really surprised that it was pretty comparable to Benefits They’re Real Mascara….and Benefit charges $23…eek? It wasn’t clumpy or sticky but smooth and had lots of color with just 1-2 coats. I was impressed to say the least.


Okay, I have to say that this was my FAVORITE out of all the products…I think lol Anyways, this was a great oil-free makeup remover that was really easy on my eyes. I was (once again) surprised that it took off quickly my full eye makeup AND mascara…without tugging at my eyes. I don’t know about you but I really have trouble finding a great makeup remover…I usually use makeup towels but end up tugging at my eye forever. This sweeps right across your eye gently and gets rid of the makeup fast and easy. Totally impressed.


One thought on “My Mary Kay experience

  1. wow thank you for the amazing connection it was great to meet you too and i’m sooo excited to hear that you love the products!!! I look forward to connecting with you in the future!!!! You’re awesome keep up the great work!!!

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