Valentines Day Trends for 2013?

So, of course it is Valentines Day and there is always some kind of trends going on. Here are some things that I have seen A LOT lately and maybe you can do some too.

Trend #1


MAKING GIFTS instead of buying gifts! Yes, so this has been really popular lately all over social media. I think it is a good thing because it seems more people are enjoying being creative then buying high priced items to impress their lovey. Anything from a cute memory box, to a DIY frame of a photo of you and your sweetheart or best friends. Making cut out cute hearts and saying in your own words how you love them! I think it is cute because I like hearing whats from the heart, than some shmo who makes holidays cards with cheesy sayings. The trend is becoming more personal with your signif other or friends.

Trend #2


Bold red lipstick. Now this isn’t anything new but I have seen so many looks and trends of red lips this love in the air season and not so much pinks. I think red is a great statement color for anybody, if it’s the right shade of course.

Trend #3

Making your Valentine Day treats at home instead of going out! Yup, this has been a pretty big trend going around. I think it is a great idea because you get to have fun making treats together and then eating them. It gives you a chance to interact and have fun, instead of trying to hear each other at a loud restaurant. Make some cute sugar cookies, rice krispys, or try something crazy and make a pie. This will make more memories, laughs and fun for that special Valentines Day!

Trend #4

Skirts with tights for Valentines Day Date Nights! Tongue twister much? Yes, yes….this is a really cute trend going on. Not so much of short or tight dresses, nothing red, nothing long, but really cute and comfy looks for Valentines Day are really in. I think it is super cute!



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