Lunch of the day || Veggies, Cheese, Apples


This was my lunch for the day today! I thought I would share what I decided to dive into.

I sliced an apple, one small tomato, snow peas, cucumbers, mozzarella cheese, and sea salt sprinkled on top!I love eating the cheese with the sliced apple with the snow peas as well! It gives it the best texture and crunch with a sweet and savory taste.¬† This is usually a dish I wouldn’t make for a typically lunch. Usually I make a sandwich, pasta, or something that is just carbs.
What I have found is that when I eat more veggies for lunch I can work better when I am at work. I realized that my body wasn’t hydrated enough with just drinking water.

One day I decided to just eat a half of a cucumber (sliced) and tons of carrots and lots of water for my lunch for work. I waited a few minutes and then I ate a handle of almonds and that was my lunch. I felt like a MILLION bucks and I couldn’t believe my energy levels and my eyes didn’t get blurry during the day and I didn’t feel “slow”.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love my meat & carbs and am not a full “vegan” or etc but I love how I feel when I had A LOT of water based veggies in my diet.









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