Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter – Great for dry skin & eczema


I am a member of which is a great program anyone can try to apply for to receive products for free to able to test them out and just give our honest review. I am very iffy on some company’s and products that occasionally get sent my way but iFabbo is so fun and different! In the iFabbo shop you have the choice to pick what product you would like to have to review or you can choose to pass.

That being said, I saw this body butter in the shop and it sounded like a pretty royal butter for your body. The brand is Perlier Imperial and it is their honey body butter. It is a mixture of royal jelly and honey from black bees (which are rare). The smell is a strong honey and oriental woods – so you feel royal.

This body butter is SUPER moisturizing and just makes you feel silky smooth. There is something about this that some may love and some may not! The scent will stay on your skin for a very long time – so if you wear a strong perfume, I wouldn’t put it together with this lotion. I would recommend using this body butter at night time so you wake up like a royal and being so silky!

If you deal with dry skin or eczema this would be the perfect lotion for you. Royal Jelly is so healthy and hydrating for your skin and get the anti-inflammatory benefits of the honey!

If you would like to try this product out I have a special $5 off coupon for you guys!

Use the CODE: iFabbo5  and go to this link:



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