So these are adorable and handmade Black & Pink Zebra printed hangers for your closets. These are covered with pattern duct tape – you can easily make these yourself or to save time you can buy them from us! We only have these print currently but as we start to build the site we will add more designs. These are so fun to spice up your closet! The best part that since they are duct taped the material is so sturdy that your clothes DO NOT fall off the hanger. That is one thing that drives me crazy and that’s when my clothes in the closet end up on the floor because the hangers are too slippery. With the duct tape your clothes and even soft material clothes stay on.

Right now we are selling them in packs of 5 for $7.50 & just $2 shipping. You can purchase them through our paypal, just email us and let us know your order. Email:



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