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DIY bring the woods into your home this fall!


Okay, like I said before that fall is pretty darn close and I am really excited for that as you can tell. I found this adorable photo of a DIY on pinterest and had to share it with you guys! This would be so perfect for fall to put around your house or I am thinking in my bathroom!


As many as you want to make find any size round glasses….maybe old candle jars, anything that is a glass jar

Get yourself some hot glue

Find sticks from your yard or a craft store online or instores

Glue on the sticks one by one!

For christmas time you can even spray a little glitter on them….like gold, silver and even red for some holiday cheer! I am so excited to try this out!

Inspiration, Raves

5 places you should visit in CA

Well, I live in CA and I really do love this state. It’s a much laid back and chill state, with a lot of cool things to check out. So if you are not from here and would like to visit someday or maybe you live in CA and never been to these places be sure to check them out. These are a handful of great places I think anyone that comes to CA should visit and see.

Hearst Castle:
750 Hearst Castle Road  San Simeon, CA 93452 WEBSITE:

There’s a lot to say about Hearst Castle, but I will keep it short! This is the most beautiful place ever! It is a huge mansion that was built by a very wealthy man way back when and this house is full of old antiques from so far back you wouldn’t believe it. There are two main pools, the one above is the one outside and it’s literally breath taking when you see it in person. The second pool is inside and looks amazing, it’s a bit smaller but the floor has flakes of REAL gold. This place just keeps going on and on and a MUST experience for anyone.

Huntington beach: 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, California 92648 WEBSITE:

Famous Huntington Beach is a fantastic beach and a GREAT town. If you love surfing and surfer brands this is the perfect town and place to visit. It is a very chill town with loads of surfers and well known surfer brands. Topped with great places to eat and great views! The sand is so soft and the water is nice and clean. I grew up going to this beach and is a must see!

South Lake Tahoe: 4130 Lake Tahoe Blvd  South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

My husband and I just recently got back from coming to this beautiful place. If you love beautiful lakes and large mountains that could take your breath away, I would totally suggest here. I’d say this place is a little Colorado! If you love any kind of snow sports this is a great place to do that or even to learn. This was the first place I learned to snowboard. You wouldn’t believe how blue this lake water is. As you drive down more into the south part of lake Tahoe you can hit the Nevada Stateline and have one foot in CA and one in NV! It’s a pretty cool experience. It’s also an amazing place to kayak! And my personal favorite is swimming and camping! Fantastic place to camp!

Monterey & Monterey Bay Aquarium:
886 Cannery Row  Monterey, CA 93940

Monterey has one of my favorite scenery. Another great place with beautiful water and rocks! The weather is always amazing. The sand is soft and the water is clean and awesome to get in. The aquarium is really popular in CA! It’s known for amazing tanks of beautiful must see fish and even lets you touch sting rays! This is a great place for a family trip. And to have dinner looking over the water!

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge:

Built in 1937 this is the beautiful literally breathe taking Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! If you ever watched full house the TV show like I did you would always see this in the intro! This is a site to see. And everything in San Francisco is something everyone would have to see. This is one of my favorite cities! I love the weather which is always usually 68-70 degrees and the upbeat town. The water is beautiful, the city is breath taking, and this bridge is a must see. You can walk across it, ride your bike across it, or drive through it. Another great place for family and picnics! And riding bikes.