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DIY bring the woods into your home this fall!


Okay, like I said before that fall is pretty darn close and I am really excited for that as you can tell. I found this adorable photo of a DIY on pinterest and had to share it with you guys! This would be so perfect for fall to put around your house or I am thinking in my bathroom!


As many as you want to make find any size round glasses….maybe old candle jars, anything that is a glass jar

Get yourself some hot glue

Find sticks from your yard or a craft store online or instores

Glue on the sticks one by one!

For christmas time you can even spray a little glitter on them….like gold, silver and even red for some holiday cheer! I am so excited to try this out!

Inspiration, Raves, Skinny Kitchen

Fall is almost here…..that means TREATS!

Okay, okay I know fall isn’t until at least 2 more months but still, I am super excited for the nice cold weather and pea coats! But the best part is the baking,treats, and family time as the holidays roll in. I have found on pinterest so many amazing goodies for fall treats and I plan on doing a lot of baking videos this fall. Here are some adorable ideas that look so delicious and fun to make! Are you ready for fall?


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Inspiration, Raves, Skinny Kitchen

Favorite Summer Drinks!

Summer is pretty much here in CA which calls for great fun creative and tasty drinks for the summer time. Here are my favorite drinks so far for the summer time! Each of them so different but so yummy and refreshing.

Make lemonade mix w/ coconut syrup!

This is an amazing combo! Using Torani Syrup mixed with lemonade is perfect sweet and tart amazing refreshing!


Cucumber water

Not only is this great for parties but just for overall super healthy for you! With a great smell and taste to the water, a friend of mine did this at a party at her house and I fell in love.


Burst of flavor and tangy

This stuff is amazing with some pomegranate juice for the summer tart and sweet taste!


Starbucks Strawberry Blended Lemonade

I love this drink…I had it as a sample and fell in love. It is so yum! Tart and refreshing!


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