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DIY bring the woods into your home this fall!


Okay, like I said before that fall is pretty darn close and I am really excited for that as you can tell. I found this adorable photo of a DIY on pinterest and had to share it with you guys! This would be so perfect for fall to put around your house or I am thinking in my bathroom!


As many as you want to make find any size round glasses….maybe old candle jars, anything that is a glass jar

Get yourself some hot glue

Find sticks from your yard or a craft store online or instores

Glue on the sticks one by one!

For christmas time you can even spray a little glitter on them….like gold, silver and even red for some holiday cheer! I am so excited to try this out!

Inspiration, Raves

Getting organized in your office, bathroom, and bedroom!

Well, after giving myself a break from blogging for a week I am back and ready to bring some new stuff. Lately since I have had more time apart from school to focus on organizing every area in my home. Every time I see photos like this I get so excited because a closet that looks like it makes sense just looks amazing. So be inspired to organize your home and even your make up. You can find a lot of these containers on out fav<3Image