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Fall is almost here…..that means TREATS!

Okay, okay I know fall isn’t until at least 2 more months but still, I am super excited for the nice cold weather and pea coats! But the best part is the baking,treats, and family time as the holidays roll in. I have found on pinterest so many amazing goodies for fall treats and I plan on doing a lot of baking videos this fall. Here are some adorable ideas that look so delicious and fun to make! Are you ready for fall?


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Raves, Skinny Kitchen

Quick sweet/tart treat for guests!

Need a quick sweet but tart dessert that is fun and easy? Here is a really simple and easy recipe that you can whip up quickly that people love. It’s just chocolate chips stuffed into raspberries. Really simple huh? Just wash the raspberries and get two big bags of white chocolate/dark chocolate or regular milk and place the chips right into the raspberries and even get blackberries and do the same thing. It is a delicious combo and great for parties! Just put them in pretty dishes to be served.